Swimming  Triathlon Running

Top training centre offers an innovative service of a personal trainer for the single athlete ( professional, agonist or a beginner) in the below sports:

- Swimming (in pool and in open water)

- Triathlon (Sprint- Olimpic- 70.3 - Ironman)

- Running ( from the 400m to the marathon) 

This service consist of having a professionist trainer who follows every aspect of the training: the work periodization, the writing of every workout, being of the field, the correction of the technique and evalutation tests. 

This method is already used abroad and ensures the athlete a traning plan suited to his physical characteristics and aimed to his goals. Normally the workout plans long 6 or 12 months. For the beginners athletes the meeting on the field with the head-coach might be 4, 8 or 12 for each training cycle. Meanwhile the agonists can arrange their training also daily. 

The workout are made in the swimmingpool of the city ( that has a 25mt pool in winter and 50mt in summer), in the lake or in the athletic tracks of Desenzano. Top Training Centre is the place where you can workout with the gymnastics and it is in Sirmione. 

Top Training Centre team in also available for swimming private or collective lessons, for every levels or for professional team  training.